Tuesday, June 7, 2011


For me, AFRICAN ART is at the top of my list!
AFRICA and BEYOND is the best ART GALLERY in San Diego, (including La Jolla), as far as I am concerned! The GALLERY has been in La Jolla for 21 years, and offers the finest collection of traditional, and contemporary African Art. You can find everything from contemporary crafts purchased from fair trade 
co-operatives, to exquisite and rare ceremonial objects. At Africa and Beyond™ "...explore the many faces of African art, from contemporary Shona stone sculptures to traditional artifacts, creating a link between the modern world and the ancient past." Below are a few examples of their beautiful ART. See their web site, or even better yet visit the GALLERY when in LA Jolla, CA. 
1250 Prospect St.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that GALLERY! Fabulous African Art.

Leslie Klurfeld said...

Rivian, I think your blog is wonderful. I think faces represent a lot of emotion in art.This depends how an individual feels and expresses those feelings from day to day. I think that different expressions in faces show a lot about our feelings and emotions from day to day. The African art is beautiful and are big part of art today.