Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Artists view the world with our own eyes, each of us; and we make from us the world we see." San Diego , FAITH FLEURY

Faith Fleury & Rivian Butikofer@ 16+1
My earliest memories are in my grandmother’s gardens – the lively bursts of color and the lush, cool green shade of the 75-year old willow trees.  That’s probably when my fascination with color began. 
 I spent a large share of my life building business models and product launch plans in “high tech” – the more creative side of finance, 
all the while pining for that satisfaction of making something visually expressive.  
There is nothing like that special elation from creating a drawing or painting that makes people want to stop and drink in the environment I’ve produced.  
Now I devote as much of my time to those pursuits as I can, keeping a playful frame of mind whether it’s making an intriguing portrait, an inviting landscape or experimenting in mixed media/ collage and more abstracted forms.

Artistic Influences

Sorting out the influences on my work is a complex task – on any given day, the order of importance shifts. 

In studying art history, I was exposed to the whole panoply of “gods”:  Durer, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Renaissance artists Da Vinci and Michealangelo – they still captivate me; the economy of brushwork of Valasquez and Goya which looks remarkably “modern”; the expressiveness of El Greco, etc. But the period which has most influenced me is twentieth/ twenty-first century artists: Matisse, Cezanne, Picasso, Degas, Kandinsky, Calder and those who’ve followed.

 As I have explored more contemporary work, I find my favorites list has grown to include Nolde, Lucien Freud, Basquiat, Wayne Thiebaud and David Hockney. There are so many exciting developments in today’s artistic environment.  I’ve become a great fan of many current painters including Elizabeth Peyton, Romare Beardon and Beverly McIver.


I am so proud to say that Faith has been a student of mine since I first began teaching at The Athenaeum, La jolla nine years ago.

Faith Fleury, Self, Pastel
Faith Fleury, Self, Acrylic
Faith Fleury, Self, Acrylic
Faith Fleury, Acrylic
Faith Fleury, Acrylic

Faith Fleury, "Sissie & Ber", Acrylic

 Faith Fleury, Kiku, Collage & Mixed Media on Paper bag
Faith Fleury, Toshi, Collage & Mixed Media on Paper Bag
Faith Fleury, John, Palette Knife
Faith Fleury," Not My Problem" Collage
Faith Fleury, 'Self Portrait' mixed media 
incl. collage & photo transfer 

Faith Fleury, "Rock Phantom", Mixed Media incl. spray paint & collage
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