Monday, October 15, 2012


Leslie Klurfeld
Leslie Klurfeld has been a student of mine both at The Athenaeum & at my studio.  She is a natural for Contemporary Art with her eye for Urban Art and freedom of expression.  It is such satisfaction to watch an Artist such as Leslie "bloom"! 

This year I was involved in  three juried group Shows In San Diego. One was at On Assignment Studios in san Diego, which included all the students in our art class at the Athenaeum with Rivian. It was called, “16 Plus One,” and two exhibitions at the La Jolla Library.  One of  the shows there was entitled “ New Directions In Art.” The other was a 'one subject' photography show in which the subject was pictures of the library. It was called, “ Reading Can Be Beautiful.”
 My instructor at the Athenaeum Art  Studio has been Rivian Butikofer. She has greatly influenced me as an artist and has 'opened up' my creativity.  I also love doing photography because it is enjoyable, shows imagination, tells a story, and creates memories.
Among some of the artists that have influenced me are Pablo Picasso,  Emile Nolde, Henri Matisse, and Jean –Michel Basquiat
Leslie Klurfeld         
Leslie, Self, Acrylic
Leslie, Self, Acrylic           
Leslie, After Nolde, Mixed Media
Leslie, Faces, Mixed Media incl. Mono Type & Acrylic
Leslie, Ater Kandinsky, Acrylic
Leslie, After Picasso, Mixed Media 
Leslie, Photograph,  "Reading Can Be Beautiful" La Jolla Library
"Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil", Mixed Media
Leslie, Untitled, Acrylic, Spray paint
Leslie, Untitled, Mixed Media