Sunday, December 7, 2014


Gayle Tauber has been involved in entrepreneurial businesses for more than 40 years, mostly as a cofounder of startups that focused on health/wellness, social responsibility and the preservation of capital.  Her most recent business, Kashi Company – a producer and marketer of cereals and grain-based products  was started in 1983 and sold to the Kellogg Company in 2000. Gayle started drawing as a young girl, but it was not until she sold her business that she had time to pursue her art interest with her first teacher, Rivian Butikofer, "who has skillfully guided and nurtured her artistic exploration."

Gayle has been painting with me for several years. Gayle continues to stretch herself & is always looking for some new idea to explore. Her Master has been and continues to be Lucien Freud, the greatest portrait painter of the 20th Century & beginning of the 21st Century until his death.

Like Freud, Gayle is guided by her commitment to exploring the psychology of her subject, their "inner being" if you will, rather than simply their exterior manifestation. This is not to say that she is not searching for her "own work", she is! For example Gayle is using a more extensive palette than Freud does. It is always extremely challenging to have a master such as Lucien Freud and try not to compare yourself to him!  I am so proud of my student GAYLE TAUBER, WHO IS EVEN MORE THAN EVER AN ARTISTE D'EXCELLENCE!
All Art by Gayle Tauber unless otherwise noted.
Gayle Tauber

Gayle & Rivian

Lucien Freud

Freud by Freud



Golda Meir

Maya Angelou 
Billy Holiday

Ella Fitzgerald, (in process) & Gayle, Living Life To The fullest!