Friday, February 20, 2015


If you have been a follower of SHARE ART please accept my apology for not posting for such a long time! I have no excuse, however, I hope that you find Enrique Marty worth waiting for!  He brings to mind Francisco Goya  & his painting of Charles IV & his Family 1800, & his "Caprichos", Francis Bacon, & Paul Rebeyrolle.  There have not been, and are not now, many artists whose work is so blatantly realistic & painful to look at as Enrique Marty!  We were introduced to him in Japan @ The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo in 2014.  We saw one of his sculptures, "The Visitants" @ the entrance & we were hooked. In fact, my Husband, Hans Butikofer did a painting derived from 'The Visitors" shown below.
I feel compelled, especially with the world as it is now, to introduce you to Enrique Marty an amazing Spanish artist whose unique & blatantly realistic work holds up a mirror that is not often pleasant to see! One cannot help but recognize (parts) of oneself and be touched, or really, SLAPPED IN THE FACE by his work!

Below taken from his exhibiton @ The Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.

Enrique Marty, Born 1969, Salamanca, Spain

"Marty produces works that are often controversial because of the power and freshness of his expression.  He employs various techniques, composing striking stage sets where the familiar becomes anxiously strange. His models, often taken from his intimate circle, are cast until life size is achieved.  At the same time the physical characteristics of the models are retained and exaggerated to a point that each mole or each wrinkle on the skin becomes highly visible such that they are transformed into disturbing grotesque creatures that destabilize conventional reality." 

The Visitants
The Visitors, mixed media on wood by Hans Butikofer
after Enrique Marty