Thursday, March 5, 2015


 I will have a new MIXED MEDIA class beginning @ The Athenaeum, La Jolla on March 25-May 13.

I would love to show you some of the unusual work by some of my very talented students.
Have you been thinking that it is time for you to try some new approaches with your ART? Studying extraordinary CONTEMPORARY masters with references to RENAISSANCE or MODERN and applying this to your own work in order to "stretch" yourself is what this studio class is about. Through DVDs, online sources, and books we will look at these artists to see what we can learn from them, how we can benefit from their experience in our own work and relate it to the time in which we live. The focus will be for you to get in touch with your unique way of CREATING ART, whether through traditional painting (abstract or representational) and/or mixed media. In this class you will get the opportunity to experiment with diverse media in ways that you have always wanted but perhaps felt that you could not. Some of the many materials to which you will be exposed are Mylar, gold and silver leaf, spray paint, photo transfer, acrylics, plaster, clay and many others. We will look at examples of work made by artists not afraid to express their individuality and take chances. With demonstration, techniques new to you will be easier to understand, and through personal critique you will see how to compose more effectively and learn the steps necessary to be able to edit your own work. Each student will be provided personal access to images of renowned artists whose work we will study along with information on techniques and materials that you will find very useful. OPEN TO INTERMEDIATE OR ADVANCED STUDENTS PLEASE. If you have questions, feel free to e-mail Rivian at or via 


Gayle Tauber
Phyllis Mcinnis
Faith Fleury
Zahra Freeman

Avi Mody
Julie Siegel
Trent Ulm
Carolyn Marsden
Angelica Erne
Sally Irwin
Lisa Hill
Ralph Lazar
Hans Butikofer
Denise Paccione
Claudette Hefner