Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I have a new artist to share with you named RAFAL KARCZ. (At least he is new to me.)  Perhaps if you live in Eastern Europe you are familiar with him.  I find his work very exiting.  KARCZ is interested in "everyday" reality and expresses that reality in his own provocative way. If he gets a break he will certainly be successful.  The problem with the ART market is that unless an artist is represented by a known gallery or is discovered by some big collectors it is a huge struggle. I read in the NY Times that even some artists that have been extremely successful such as Larry Rivers, Eric Fischl and Francesco Clemente, "have declined or stayed flat at auction in recent years, according to data compiled by Artnet, a company that tracks such sales."  Artists are judged by different criteria more and more today, not necessarily by their talent but by who is collecting them!  So, for relatively unknown artists it is very difficult! 
Please enjoy the oeuvres of RAFAL KARCZ!

Traffic Enginieering | Tanke
Traffic Enginieering | auto4

After Party

Our Time Is Now

Kill your idols


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Cool paintings!