Saturday, April 23, 2011


Ariane Mariane
Today I am writing about the most incredible CLOTHES DESIGNER I have ever seen, she is found in Paris, France. We were strollling around the "ART MARCHE" near Bastille, Richard Lenoir, tous les Samedis. I saw an artist that makes neat jewelry out of rubber. (will write about her later) nothing else too special & all of a sudden we came upon ARIANE MARIANE!  
Independent textile artist Ariane Mariane creates “fiber art to wear” in her French atelier near Paris. She makes outstanding and eco-friendly garments and accessories of high quality. Each item is handmade mostly by nuno felting. Only the smoothest merino wool, finest fabrics (silk, linen, and cotton) and best fibers are employed.
Her joyful line of unique and one of a kind pieces are meant to dress unique, special and individual women - women for whom fashion is an art and a statement.

Her work is so unusual because she makes her own "tissue" (fabric).  Her clothes are designed by her & fabricated by her. I saw one dress that was like a dream.  I tried it on and it was  (as if) made for me...yes, I bought the dress! Below you will see some photos of her & her designs. When you are in Paris, or if you are lucky enough to live there, be sure to go the ART MARKET every Sat. Richard Lenoir.
Ariane Mariane
Ariane Mariane, Rivian (in my dress)

Ariane Mariane Designs


Ariane Mariane - Artiste Textile said...

you made me cry on a early sunday morning - thank you so much for your compliments and kind words!

rivian said...

Ohhh! I'm glad it made you happy Ariane. You are sooo special, everything i wrote is true....& more. Can't wait to see you & your beautiful designs again. PLEASE keep in touch.
Love,Rivian xo

Jane said...

Hi Rivian,

Loved the new pics on the blog. I will be going to France and Italy in July. Hopefully I can visit this designer. Fantastic!
Love, Jane

rivian said...

Hi Jane,
So nice to hear from you. Good for you honey! Yes, go see her & tell her "Rivian sent you" :-)
R xxoo