Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Natasha Two, by Jeri Feldman

I propped up a small easel and started oil painting in my bedroom in Queens, NY at the age of fourteen.  After years of being picked last in P.E., realizing that I had no musical talent, could not type and almost failed home economics, I was finally inspired in art class. It was the one place where a shy kid could really shine.
Fast forward, and after a few decades of career building and child rearing I have picked up the paintbrush. I don't intend to take another break from the canvas, the colors that you still envision when you close your eyes at night, the smell of oil paint.
I don't know how to describe my style as I am always experimenting and finding new inspiration.  From portraits to landscapes, if it has a riot of colors and a distinct mood I just might go for it.
Mick Jagger, by Jeri Feldman


Anonymous said...

Your student Jeri really know how to paint!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful paintings!