Tuesday, November 9, 2010


bio: Carolyn Marsden writes multicultural novels for children ages 7-15.  She was born in Mexico City of missionary parents and now is happily married (in spite of the Land Rover rescue!) to a Thai husband.  Together they have two daughters.

My Thai husband sent me to Belize to retrieve the exotic Land Rover that he bought off EBay from Holland. I decided to chronicle the absurd and dramatic trip--  dysfunctional vehicle, being chased by a Category 5 hurricane, traveling through the lands of the Mexican drug cartels-- in a series of panels.  These first panels show the previous Land Rovers that entered our lives, setting the stage for the arrival of Roger Rover.


Anonymous said...

I have purchased Carolyn's books for my children. this is so exiting!
Thank you

Bev said...

Isn't it 'neat' to have something, whether it is books or paintings, and have the artist/writer sign it. Makes the project that more meaningful. My husband & daughter go to all the book signings of their favorite authors. Both have developed large libraries & I don't have any more room to put up more painting. Hope to rotate the paintings. Keeps them 'fresh'.

Anonymous said...

I love Marsden's art work! What a nice surprise.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, that multitalented star has shown another sparkling side of her creative self! I love the spontaneous freedom of her visual art! Spontaneous, flippant in a good way, full of humor....yay!

Applause! Applause!

rivian said...

Dear GM,
I am sure Carolyn will love reading yor comment as do I!
Thank you so much,