Thursday, November 10, 2011


Some of the work posted below has been completed by students who come to my studio, others attend my classes @The Athenaeum, La Jolla. Please feel free to inquire about my upcoming classes @ my studio on this Blog,, or the classes @ The Athenaeum
As you can see, each artist does his/her "own" work. By "own" I mean that we are all UNIQUE individuals. I encourage my students to celebrate their INDIVIDUALITY  with their ART! YOU ARE MOST WELCOME TO JOIN US!

Gayle Tauber,( in memoriam) Portrait of Lucien Freud-Oil 
Faith Fleury, Mixed Media incl. Monotype
(We welcome suggestions for a title for faith's unusual piece)

Hans Butikofer, Self-Portrait, Mixed-Media on wood
Jane Cooper, Model, Acrylic
Kathleen Wilson, "I Won't Grow Up", Acrylic on cardboard
Sheryl Temchin, Acrylic
Carolyn Marsden, Mixed Media

Lourdes Rivera, Acrylic on paint palette, untitled


Anonymous said...

Your artists/students work in incredible! I am really impressed by the variety in the pieces. I wonder how you get people to be so free and not be self conscious? I am always so shy about letting others see what i do, I wish very much that I lived in S.D. so I could take your class! There is nothing like this in my country!
Thank you Rivian.

rivian said...

Thank you "anonymous" for your wonderful comments!
Warm Regards,
Rivian xo

Anonymous said...

Faith could call her piece 'The Meeting'. It looks like a mtg. Of strange looking people! I love it!

gayle tauber said...

wow, it looks really good.
thank you so much.
You have so many talented students. We must all have a great teacher!