Friday, July 1, 2011


Rivian, Reflection


Video Jean Michel Basquiat being interviewed
STREET ART (or if you prefer, "URBAN ART") is just about the hottest thing happening right now.  Many of the artists who began doing "their thing" on the streets in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris etc. are now in galleries, and as in this marvelous exhibit at MOCA Los Angeles, museums.  I have been keeping my eye on URBAN ART for many years and have watched it develop from "tagging" or "marking" an area for gangs into an exiting "school of art" worthy of being called ART!  

"Art in the Streets, the first major U.S. museum exhibition of the history of graffiti and street art showcases installations by 50 of the most dynamic artists from the graffiti and street art community, including Fab 5 Freddy, Lee QuiƱones , Futura, Margaret Kilgallen , Swoon, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos , and JR I was introduced to some artists with whom I was unfamiliar such as RAMMELLZEE whose work is so exiting and three dimensional.  I saw some old favorites such a s Keith Haring and films about one of the greats, Jean Michel Basquiat whose work I respect very much. There are some rewarding skateboard films with parts that are pure ART. If you can see the show do not miss it!  It's up until Aug. 8th.
Skateboard film
  1. Banksy

    All Photographs by Rivian


Anonymous said...

Rivian, fantastic post. Love it! Thanks

Bev said...

The colors by Rammellezee really are outstanding. I love the brightness.

rivian said...

Oh! Bev, i wish you could see the show, you'd be fascinated by it I am sure!
Rivian xxoo

Leslie Klurfeld said...

Dear Rivian, this art was really cool. I thought the "Street"or Urban Art is fun to begin with. The figures that were lighted up gave a definate feel that you see through them. I also thought the figures on top of the van you feel like the figures are coming out from the top of the van. You know that I love Basquiat. He's definately a pioneer artist in this type of art. I thought colors. shapes, and the way they used the elements of art were fabulous. Thanks for showing these pictures to us. Leslie Klurfeld

rivian said...

Thanks so much Leslie for the great comments!