Monday, February 7, 2011


Wild Man Of The Woods, mask has been attributed to the carver Willies Seaweed

Bowl, Maria & Julian Martinez

Wild Man of The Woods, Beau Dick
Until quite recently American Indian (& others) artists have remained completely anonymous in museum shows & otherwise.  It has always bothered me that these marvelous artists carrying on the traditions of their cultures, but at the same time unique, creative and dynamic have remained nameless.  It is the same with the African and other so- called "primitive" artists. However, this is changing! In my opinion it is LONG OVERDUE!
"WHEN the Denver Art Museum’s signature American Indian art galleries reopened last week after a seven-month overhaul, the biggest change wasn’t the new display cases or the dramatic lighting. Rather, it was in a less obvious place: the wall labels. For the first time many of the works on display are attributed to individual artists instead of just their tribes. It is a revolution in museum practice that many scholars hope will spread, raising the stature of American Indian artists and elevating their work from the category of artifacts to the more exalted realm of art.  So the museum’s “Wild Man of the Woods” mask, made in 1900 and previously identified only as “Kwakiutl,” will be attributed to Willie Seaweed, a Canadian carver who died in 1967. In another gallery an exhibition of more than 30 pieces of pottery will celebrate the extraordinary skill of Nampeyo, a Hopi woman born around 1860. Other objects, thought to be the work of single unknown creators — like a selection of Navajo “eyedazzler” weavings dated 1885-1900 — will be grouped together with labels reading, “Artist not known.”
(See NY Times ARTS Feb. 3 for rest of article)


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Unbelievable how you have advanced in what forms of art that you are displaying.Really great works. A fantastic variety or workmanship!

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Your comments are always wonderful & much appreciated Bev! Thank you again. I just wish more people would make The effort to comment!
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