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There are many types of "AFRICAN ART", as many as there are countries in Africa!  For purposes of this post I will mention two Artists  who came from SOUTH AFRICA & WEST AFRICA. I am concentrating on just two but will post others at a later posting.  I have loved AFRICAN ART since I first saw it, probably when I studied ART & saw the influence that it had on the MASTERS such as Picasso, Matisse, Braque & many others.  African ART is a strong link in the history of ART, and African artists have taken their deserved place in CONTEMPORARY ART.

Marlene Dumas
Marlene Dumas

Marlene Mumas

Marlene Dumas (born August 3, 1953) is a South African born artist and painter who lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Stressing both the physical reality of the human body and its psychological value, Dumas tends to paint her subjects at the extreme fringes of life’s cycle, from birth to death, with a continual emphasis on classical modes of representation in Western art, such as the nude or the funerary portrait. By working within and also transgressing these traditional historical antecedents, Dumas uses the human figure as a means to critique contemporary ideas of racial, sexual, and social identity.(from Wikipedia)

Soly Cissé was born in 1969 in Dakar, Senegal. He lives and works in Dakar.
In 1995 Soly Cissé did an workshop in photography which was followed by an exhibition at the Centre Culturel Français in Dakar, organized by Kodak. Cissé graduated in 1996 from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Dakar.
The theme of Cissé 's paintings is repeatedly the duality between tradition and modernity.

I first saw Soly Cisse At the African Museum Dapper in Paris some years ago. I was struck by his energy and talent. We then saw an exhibiton of his at a gallery in Paris last year.
Soly Cissé at his studio in Dakar
Soly Cisse

Soly Cisse
Soly cisse


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The Brazilian artist NEWTON AVELINO shows the Brazilian culture and art to your blog

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