Tuesday, December 7, 2010


A motorcyclist on a village outskirts takes in a sign
proclaiming “Jews are not welcomed here,” circa 1935.

Jews Are Welcome Here
(Detail) Bottom Pane of Window

Top pane: The Artist, (Rivian), eyes representing 6.000,000 Jews who died in the Holocaust
Second pane: faces & hands representing the 6,000,000. 
Third pane, My Maternal Grandparents, Samuel & Rebecca Fishman who escaped the pogroms in Russia with my Mother, Fanny as an infant. Note: My Father, Dr.Benj. Swatez was also born in Russia & escaped the pogroms. (In most of Europe the Jews had to wear the gold Star of David.) 

Bottom pane: Sixty images representing the Jews who died in the Holocaust & the Jews who lived & prospered. IE: Albert Einstein, Sarah Bernhardt, Yitzhak Rabin, Golda Meir, the Marx Bros. Israeli Citizens, members of my Family etc. contradicting Hitler's plan to have a museum dedicated to an "extinct people"!  "This was extermination on an industrial scale and it involved huge numbers of people. Neighbours and employers reported Jews to the Gestapo. Bureaucrats processed notices of deportation. Postmen served them. Railway staff marshalled their departure. Others drove the trains and manned the signals. It was all logically and legally planned in an inversion of all the values on which human civilisation had been built.
So perverse was it that Hitler ordered the collection of 200,000 Jewish artefacts, which were photographed and catalogued to be displayed at the end of the war as a trophy case of archaeological remains. It was to be called The Museum of an Extinct Race."  
My ART WINDOW is a testament that Hitler's plan failed...thank G-d!


Anonymous said...

This is an incredible memorial to the Jews who perished, thank you Rivian!

Anonymous said...

I cannot express the feelings this brings....I live in Germany

Anonymous said...

great post RIVIAN! Your art looks wonderful, although it is even better to see the window in person! Very moving and timely with all the continued violence and genocide all around the world. JF

rivian said...

Thank you so much to all of you who commented so far! It means a great deal to me, I love hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

Some comments from old friends

"I loved your thoughts and art."

"Thanks, great work. Love"

"Wonderful Art"!

Bronle Crosby said...

Vibrant, interesting, compelling work. I love your energy and passion. BC

rivian said...

Thank you so much Bronle, I appreciate your comments a lot!

Anonymous said...

More comments from old friends:

riv very beautiful and professional, Shirley

Rivian, I love your art! It’s personal, representational, and totally from your heart. Thanks for sharing, and Happy Hanukkah to you!!

Anonymous said...

Very impressed with your blog. Liked your writings and the art. Some of your students do very nice work. Good to see Ben and Fanny’s name again. I especially like your title…JEWS ARE WELCOMED HERE. They are welcomed here as well.
Keep up the good work!

patricia valdez said...

Rivian...your blog looks so wonderfull ...your painting the explanation, your students......everything so good!!

Bev said...

Rivian, your blog not only shows the beauty & hurt of the world, it shows it in an extremely tasteful way. Congratulations on a job well done.

rivian said...

Thank you dear Bev, I am happy that you are blogging again! Your comments ae always so sincere. You are one of my most loyal bloggers!

Anonymous said...

That window & what it stands for is really wonderful!
Very moving from a fan in eastern Europe who is happy to read your Blog from so far away from you! You post interesting things for us to see. thanks